Elavation is a privately owned Aerial Work Platform Hire and Sales Company. The business has grown over the past 12 years into a leading IPAF Training Centre, dedicated to helping clients to work at height Safely.

The respected IPAF Rental+ quality mark shows you that the rental company you are dealing with has been independently audited by an ISO 9001 lead auditor, within the last 12 months, to meet the most stringent standards of training, advice, equipment and customer satisfaction

Leading the market in Hybrid and multi fuel machine options to an ever growing client base.

Our decision to partner Niftylift and ONLY Hire out Niftylift boom models has given us the head start into an exciting future. From a single location in Milton Keynes we now have the largest fleet of Hybrid Booms available anywhere in the UK

Self-propelled Boom and scissor lifts, known as cherry pickers and flying carpets to some of our clients, come in various guises. Diesel, electric or the latest Hybrid models are in high demand. So whilst our core products and high level of service remain unchanged, we are always looking at innovation in our industry.

Our latest solutions, the Hinowa range of Spider type platforms, has helped to develop a completely new client base. The Lithium power options are completely in keeping with our commitment to reducing pollutants and waste. No engine – no fuel emmissions! In fact, our Hybrid range has been saving many of our clients up to 40% on fuel use alone!

From general construction applications we now work in a wide variety of industries; TV and media, food processing, flight and car manufacturing plants, renovation and maintenance of older buildings, as well as general high-level cleaning and maintenance. The applications are endless!!!

Our dedicated customer service team puts our clients needs at the forefront of every facet of our business.

Our clients are always looking for innovative solutions to their work at height needs. That was why we embraced the Hybrid and Lithium technologies when they were made available to us. It is going to be the future of Powered Access in the UK and we want to spear head that growth. Our clients demand it, and we provide it!

The past has been a steep learning curve but with a fantastic team of hard working people, and the most modern fleet available, the future is looking bright – and its looking Green! Niftylift and elavation Green!

Meet the team

Adam Shepherd

Head Bean Counter

7 years in the industry… Unsurpassable tea making skills

Andy Lambert

Chief Spanner Monkey

Years In the industry …9… Tea making style …It’s always wet and warm!

Barry Brady

Silver Surfer, knower of all things, destroyer of planets!

Planning to take over the World for 30 years… Tea making skills …only on two wheels!!

Carina Medhurst

Hire Heroine

6 years in the industry… Tea making skills …Solid 6 out of 10

Daniel Gonzalez


19 years in the industry… never makes the tea!

Dave Hatcher

The Magician of Transport (knowing where the customer wants it before they do!!)

In the industry …3 years, 1 month… Tea making style …Dark and strong (Just how I like my men)

Gavin ‘Strong Shoulders’ Langley

Pretender to the Throne

Tea making skills …12 out of 10!

Mani Gonzalez

Sales Director / Overlord

20 years in the industry… Tea making skills …9 out of 10 (don’t tell anyone)!

Senior Gonzalez


Years in the industry …Forgotten!  Tea making skills …Michelin Star, Daddy, No. 1 tea maker.